Common Styles

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Universal Couplers

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Can be used with T, I/M and A Design 1/4" plugs, eliminating confusion among designs.  Deluxe push-to-connect style makes coupling quick and easy. Heavy duty brass or composite construction means longer life. Unique tubular valve design allows greater air flow, up to 35 CFM.

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These couplers and plugs have no valves. Smooth straight-thru bore allows maximum flow.
Made from solid brass bar stock. Couplers have stainless steel springs and balls. Excellent for carpet cleaners, vacuum service and pressure washers. Interchanges with Parker ST type.

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Diamond U

Diamond-U are primarily found on the West Coast. Plated steel couplers have hardened steel balls and stainless steel plugs. Plugs are heat treated to reduce wear on critical mating surfaces.